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If you’re looking to invest in having your upholstery cleaned, there are six significant points you should know before you hire an upholstery cleaning company. You see, the majority of people will usually pick up the phone, call an upholstery cleaning company and ask one question…can you guess what that question is? The question is “How much do you charge?”

The unfortunate thing is, most upholstery cleaning companies hope you will ask this question because they know that when a consumer asks the question (how much do you charge?) that you are an uninformed consumer and very easy to take advantage of. Because you don’t ask any of the six fundamental questions to hiring a genuine upholstery cleaning professional they know how to get their foot in your front door.

However, if you knew the six fundamental questions to ask any upholstery cleaning company before you invite them into your home, you could rest assured that they won’t be able to take advantaged of you. So what I am going to do for you right now is divulge the six significant points of hiring a good quality upholstery cleaning professional that most companies don’t want you to know.


  1. Do you carry a certificate of currency, of insurance to cover your customer’s property, contents and upholstery should something go wrong?
  2. Are you certified and licensed as an upholstery cleaner with a certificate of currency?
  3. What trade associations are you a member of? Example NUCCA, IICRC, Advantage Group etc.
  4. What kind of written guarantee do you have with your upholstery cleaning?
  5. Is the price you quote me over the phone going to be the final price I pay or are you going to charge me more when you come to my home? (don’t be afraid to ask this question)
  6. Can you tell me why I should use you when there are so many other upholstery cleaners in the marketplace?

If you’re looking for a low price in upholstery cleaning then you really should prepare yourself because you will get what you pay for. Because the upholstery cleaning industry is no different to any other service orientated industry you will find the quality of workmanship will depend hugely on a number of factors such as:

  1. How much time the cleaner is prepared to invest in cleaning your upholstery. If he is cheap he may have to do 8 jobs a day to make a living thus giving you a really fast lounge clean and not cleaning it properly.
  2. Is the equipment they are using just cheap cleaning machinery or is it quality cleaning equipment designed to deliver good quality cleaning results?
  3. How much extra they can sell you once they have their foot in your front door.

Think of it this way… it’s no different when you’re investing in a new car, you would not expect to buy a brand new Holden Commodore valued at around thirty thousand dollars for only six thousand dollars would you? If you did you would naturally wonder what is wrong with it… it’s the same with upholstery cleaners… if they appear to be cheap there will be a reason and some corners being cut somewhere.

When you look at the upholstery cleaning industry and ask the right questions you will quickly learn that there are ENORMOUS DIFFERENCES between hiring one upholstery cleaning company compared to another. Oh, and the difference in not just in the price…it really is in equipment, workmanship, machinery, knowledge, and ultimately the result.

If you can clearly understand this concept then you will also understand how one upholstery cleaner is very different to another and the difference is truly not just in the price but very much in the service provided!


  • We do a pre-inspection so we are aware of all the stains and any problem areas
  • Then we pre-spray your upholstery with a special cleaning agent that disinfects the fabric, loosens the stains, dirt and the grit from the fabric
  • Now we start rinsing your upholstery and steam cleaning your lounge
  • If there are any difficult stains, we will spot clean them with a hand held spotter and rinse the area again
  • When we finish we will deodorise your lounge with a special deodoriser leaving your upholstery smelling beautiful, clean and completely disinfected.

These are the upholstery cleaning methods we use when cleaning your fabric lounge. We make it a firm point NOT to charge extra for any of these special services and we NEVER try to change the price when we arrive at your home. If you’ve hired upholstery cleaners before you may already have fallen victim to the deceptive bait and switch tactics that have been outlawed in some states of America… unfortunately not here in Australia.

Take a little time to choose your upholstery company and remember that your fabric lounge may not have been pocket change to invest in so trust and invest only a true professional to care for your upholstery cleaning.


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