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When you flip through a home improvement or decorating magazine, you see living rooms that look like Martha Stewart decorated the space. Many people assume that they cannot get the same look or style at home, but you can get a living room that looks like it belongs in the pages of a magazine. The trick to getting the living room of your dreams starts with picking the right furniture. This might seem like an easy task, but once you start shopping for furniture, you will see that the sheer number of styles makes the task harder.

What Do You Need?
The first and most important step requires that you ask yourself what you need. If you start buying furniture because it looks nice or you like the color, you will end up with a room full of pieces that do not work together. You might even find that the pieces do not meet the needs of your living room. If you have a large family, you might choose two couches that provide extra seating for the room. Those who live alone and young couples might prefer a few chairs or a love seat. You need enough seating for everyone who lives in your home.

Colors and Fabrics
Once you decide what you need, you can start looking at furniture for your home. Now is the time to take into account the fabrics and colors that you like. You should consider your home life before you decide on a specific type of fabric. Suede, leather and other fabrics that require special cleaning are not the best option for those with small children or pets. It is also helpful if you look at colors and fabrics that complement the wall color, carpet color or other elements of the room. Any piece of furniture that you buy should work well with the pieces you already own.

Putting it All Together
One of the best parts about picking new living room furniture comes when you get the chance to put everything together. This is the first time that you see the finished design. You can quickly see the items and furniture that you still need in the room, including throw pillows, a small rug, bookcases and tables. When you put the furniture in your living room, you can also see what pieces do not work. You might find that one chair is too large for the living room, or you might decide that you need more color in the room. It might take some trial and error before your living room looks exactly the way you want it.


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