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Furniture can look even more stunning when covered with the most suitable fabric. However, choosing the right upholstery fabric can be a daunting task for people who have no experience. There are some factors to consider when selecting the fabric to match both preferences and needs. It is necessary for buyers to consider these factors to ensure that their furniture and fabric stays good for a long period of time.


Buyers should take the people who will use the furniture to be covered into account. They should choose the fabric according to their needs. This may include both pets and humans. They should also consider the exposure of the item covered with fabric. Microfiber fabric is a great choice for heavy use. It can withstand all sorts of weight placed on top of it. It is less likely to get scratches from pets compared to other fabrics. There are also new fabrics that are fire retardant.


The fabric style should perfectly match the frame. A traditional frame should be paired with a traditional looking fabric. The patterns should be appropriate for the furniture size. With this, the item covered will not only blend with the fabric. It will also look great in any room where it is placed.

Cleaning Requirements

The best fabrics for furniture are those that are easy to clean or resistant to dirt. There are many fabrics that are washable. They can be a good choice. However, these fabrics might need to be washed completely. They may not be spot cleaned. Leather and microfiber fabrics require minimal upholstery cleaning. Simple wiping with a damp cloth can do the job.


The fabric’s color is among the most important factors to consider when choosing the furniture covering. Similarly, it should match the theme and style of the frame. The color will bring life and attitude to the furniture. Most importantly, these colors should be fade-resistant. Some of them fade easily when exposed to direct sunlight or used frequently. They also lose vividness when maintained with abrasive fabric cleaners. It is imperative that only an expert upholstery cleaner does the cleaning to make sure that the original color is maintained.


The fabric should be well-fitted to the furniture. It should have no wrinkles or other unnecessary folds. The tailoring should match the pattern on the fabric and the furniture frames. Buyers should purchase the fabric and have it tailor-fitted to their furniture.


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