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To treat a lounge suite with a fabric protection product is a relatively easy process to complete and requiring just thirty minutes for an average lounge suite with a drying and curing time of approximately six to twenty four hours.this depends on the fabric styles, whether they are a natural, synthetic or blended fabric . Also different protectors are used to suit. Differing applications being either water based or solvent fabric protection products.

Most fabrics are treated in a water soluble fabric protector, this product is generally regarded as being environmentally friendly and consumer safe with a low odour. Solvent based fabric protection products are used for more difficult fabric styles .examples of these fabrics would be some velvet styles particularly cotton velvet fabrics or threads in fabrics that tend to shrink or move , some polished fabrics and fabrics with a high or total silk content.

You should expect at least a five year life out of the fabric protection on your soft furnishings ,usage being an important factor,with some commercial applications five years can be more than the expected life of the upholstered piece. A very good question often asked about fabric protection is – do all fabrics need to be treated ? The truth is , no, not really,some fabrics are mill treated or the fabric protection has been applied in the manufacturing process. Some man made fibres are treated during maunfacture to improve their longevity , often referred to as microfibres ,commonly found in modern suede style fabrics. However these protected fabric products do not come with a back up warranty as does after market fabric protection applications. ( if your fabric protection applicator is not offering at least a five year spot and stain removal service ,then find another operator ) these fabric protection warranties can be well worth the price when confronted with a wine stain , biro mark or boot polish mark .it must be clear that these warranties are not about surface build up cleaning , but are there to help with accidental stains that occur. Is fabric protection a good idea ? , it certainly is , just do some homework and find a reputable company specialising in working with upholstery fabric and protective finishes on a daily basis.


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