Textile Cleaning

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The cleaning of partitions and acoustic panels

Partitions or workstations are fabric covered panels or walls upholstered in a direct stuck, glued or upholstered over a padded surface. their purpose is to provide a decorative, comfortable and acoustic environment in both domestic and commercial situations.

These fabric covered panels also provide the ability to lock in airborn polutants, dust,grime and markings produced by day to day use such as biro, beverage and food spills, kick marks and handling stains in some environments, mould mildew and unpleasant odours. If left unchecked this can lead to sick and unmotivated employees, even a higher rate of sick days. Generally speaking,these upholstered panels should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.without regular cleaning the life of the furniture is significantly shortened and costing more money in the long run, neglecting this may involve larger expenditure in the future.

The method used in the cleaning of the fabric panels is a variation of the process used to clean upholstered furniture the cleaning of the glued or direct stuck panels need to be treated with care ,low moisture and specific cleaning products so as to maintain the integrity of the glued surfaces. The padded finished wall panels are cleaned more easily with a wider range of products available to work with , both of these upholstered wall panels produce good cleaning results. Our process will dry in just a few short hours and is kind to the environment , leaving a clean ,fresh and pleasant fragrance upon completion. We recommend the application of fabric protection products to the clean and sanitized fabric panels to extend the life , spotless appearance and the ease of ongoing surface cleaning. We will also provide a bottle of our own textile 1 spot and stain remover once the work schedule has been complated.


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