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Lounge suite and upholstery cleaning

The on site cleaning of upholstered furnishings can be a relatively easy process to a near impossible task and everything in between , most carpet cleaners dabble in the cleaning of lounge furniture , some with good results some not so good .as the consumer you are simply told ‘hey , that’s the best it will look’ and you have to accept that a possibly half cleaned lounge is the best its ever going to be.

Upholstery and lounge cleaning truly is a profession with courses giving the operator the basic understandings . Successful lounge cleaning requires skill , patience ,time and understanding, only time on the job , a good teacher and lots of hands on experience produces an exceptional cleaner of upholstered fabrics.

There are several methods available to the lounge suite cleaner, mostly geared around various methods of water based cleaning. Generally speaking these methods are the ones to deliver the best results and with a good operator drying time can be as little as a couple of hours.

However some fabric styles and installations require a dryer style of cleaning , this should be discussed with your cleaning technician with regard to method and expected results.

It must be understood that some lounge suites can be beyond a cleaning result with thinning and fraying fabrics , also sun damage can leave the fabric frail and difficult to clean , but these are few . Most upholstered lounge suites will clean exceptionally well with most stains and surface build ups totally removed. It is worthwhile discussing your particular lounge clean with your technician prior to cleaning to clarify your expectations and needs.

Most if not all upholstery fabrics are cleanable , a few may need some testing and thought , as to the right process to minimise potential problems. These cleaning processes are successful on more than just your lounge suite , the cleaning of bedheads ,upholstered wall panels ,partitioning acoustic panels ,curtains , blinds , even fabric murals can be cleaned on site.


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