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Fire Retardants: An Advantageous Solution to Fire Protection

Throughout the United States, accidental fires lead to millions of dollars in property damage and contribute to thousands of preventable deaths each and every year. Although not all fire hazards can be eliminated, it is possible to defend your home against fires using certain tools. One of these tools is fire retardant spray. Every time you engage in ordinary fabric cleaning or carpet cleaning in your home, you have the chance to add in extra fire protection by deploying a fire retardant spray on your furniture.

Fire retardant sprays are made up of chemicals that remain dormant on furniture until a fire strikes. When heated, these chemicals react in a way that makes them less flammable; this suppresses the production of gas and other reactions that take place during a blaze. Naturally, even the best fire retardant spray cannot make a piece of furniture totally impervious to fire. Fire retardant chemicals are most important for making sure that items in an accidental fire burn more slowly. This allows vital time to take action.

Many people who use upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning services like to ensure enhanced fire protection by requesting fire retardants be used with their fabric cleaning treatments. This may be the best way to create maximum fire protection, since industry professionals will see to it your furniture is properly coated and the chemicals used are right for your furniture. It is not unknown for consumers to keep bottles of fire retardant in the home. These are used to renew the coating of fire retardant regularly.

How should you use fire retardants? They are best used on furniture items that contain synthetic material. Synthetic materials are more likely to burn faster and cause severe burns thanks to the greater likelihood that artificial fabric will melt under intense heat. Please note that fire retardant sprays are designed specifically for fabrics and should not be used on a live fire. They are also rarely used on your clothing. If you are concerned about how clothing items will react in a fire, check the labels and ensure your clothes are "fire safe."

No one wants to fall victim to a house fire. Luckily, fire retardants can slow the spread of a live fire by more than 50% if used correctly on your furniture. This provides you with precious time to smother the fire using a conventional fire blanket or fire extinguisher!

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