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Industry studies and my own experiments now prove that utilising Fire Resistant applications on fabrics and textiles can significantly slow the burning of those materials. Materials like upholstery, bed sheets, fabrics, carpets, and the most flammable fire accelerators in any home or office… the curtains.

As a result of fire climbing so rapidly it loves highly flammable materials like curtains. Burning curtains act as the perfect fire accelerator in a home or office as they not very fire resistant BUT what do you think happens when the curtains have trouble burning and are not the huge risk they once were? Could you delay the spread of fire and help save lives? What Is a Fire Resistant Product?

A fire resistant product is a chemical that considerably slows the spread of fire. A quality and professionally applied fire resistant application can slow the spread of fire dramatically and aid fire fighters in an emergency where lives are at stake.

A good example of a fire resistant compound is a coupling agent, or what is commonly known as a polymeric coupling agent. It is a polymer that attaches an inorganic filler to the polymer surroundings.

Characteristically, the fillers are Calcium Carbonate, Glass fibers, Talc, or a flame retardant known as ATH (Aluminumtrihydrate) or what is also known as Mg(OH)2 (Magnesium hydroxide).

The basis for the addition fillers are sometimes to lower the cost of the polymer (CaC03, Talc), to make it stiffer (glass fibers, CaCO3) or to craft it as a flame retardant or flame resistant compound so that it won’t burn when ignited (ATH, Mg(OH)2). Below is a diagram.

From Fire Proofing

This was a purpose built Function Room at the 2012 Designex Show at Darling Harbour. The walls were quilted fabric panels and we applied a Flame Retardant finish to the required Australian Standards, completed on site


How Do You Know If You Need Fire Retardant or Fire Resistant protection?

Well, here is a list of areas where fire retardant is wisely used:
  1. Applied to curtains in the home and commercial areas
  2. Hotels
  3. Motels
  4. Restaurants
  5. Schools
  6. Hospitals
  7. Office blocks
  8. Prisons

The truth is; you won’t wake up in the morning and suddenly realise the fire retarding has not been done yet - BUT - investing in fire retardant as a safety precaution to slow a fast spreading fire can be incredibly priceless. As we both know, saving your business is one thing, however when you take responsibility that could save the life of a colleague or a loved one because you invested wisely in fire retardant… it is money well spent, would you agree?

If you don’t mind me saying, “When you Invest in our fire resistant application you could save a life, not to mention the likelihood of saving one of the most expensive items you own… your home or business.”

Because the fire resistant applications I use are commercially related, I naturally find myself being hired by large companies, hotels and corporate offices. These days there is a growing demand by many home owners who are investing in the application of fire resistant products to be applied to their curtains and other flammable materials.

Our special Textile fire resistant product is a concentrated water based solution that we use to successfully treat fabrics and other porous materials. The Textile fire resistant product we utilise is quickly becoming one of the most used in the industry of fire protection today and can easily be applied to your fabrics, textiles and curtains in the home or at your office. The best part about our special fire resistant product is that it is completely safe and 100% water based.

All fabrics treated with our fire resistant product will be accompanied with a Certificate of Compliance (Australian Standard, cleaned up to five times in accordance with AS1530 Parts 2 & 3) as required by the Building AS2001.5.4 Procedure 7A of Building Code of Australia. This is our firm assurance to you that you are obtaining a quality application of fire retardant.

The truth is; you’re never going to wake up and all of a sudden realise the fire resistant application has not been done yet - BUT - investing wisely in a fire resistant application before a disaster occurs (as a safety precaution) to slow a fast spreading fire could save a life (perhaps your own). As you and I both know, saving your business is one thing, saving the life of a colleague or a loved one because you invested wisely in a fire resistant application… is money well spent.

Investing in a good fire resistant application is very similar to home security systems in the sense that most people will usually only install a security system after they have been robbed. In the fire resistant industry it’s very similar where people will usually invest in a fire resistant application only after they have experienced a fire and their life has been in danger or they have lost their belongings in the fire.

It usually doesn’t make sense to invest in a fire resistant application until you’ve actually been through the horror of a fire at home or in the office. You may feel that by leaving the application of a fire resistant treatment on hold will be fine... But, utilising a product that slows the spread of the fire dramatically can be a very intelligent decision and give you piece of mind.

When you invest in the application of a good fire resistant product you’re not just investing in the possibility of saving the belongings in your home or office, you’re making a decision that could possibly save lives… people you love, and people you work with.

From a business point of view… investing in the application of a fire resistant product to help prevent the spread of fire and ultimately stop your premises from burning down could one day make all the difference where running your business the very next day (after a fire) is important as opposed to not having a business to run.

The thought of not being able to run your business and losing customers (as they will have to shop with your competitors) as a result of a fire would be devastating to your bottom line. A fire is devastation all round and the simple application of a fire resistant product could stop a fire from spreading with just one phone call.

As a trained technician in the application of Fire Resistant & Fire Retardant products, I get a great deal of satisfaction out of my work and I really enjoy caring for my customers and delivering the very best with my business services.

Our team is a small in-house group of experienced technicians who have many years of treating fine fabrics and textiles under their belts (not just in fire resistant application, also in cleaning and soil protection). I’m proud to say we offer a great deal of knowledge and understanding of fine fabrics, textiles and hands on experience to our quality and workmanship.

Our certificate in Fire Resistant application details are as follows:


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