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fabric protection In the anticipation of adding you to my very long list of happy customers and delivering quality in the form of fabric protection for you I would like first to prove myself worthy of being the one you trust.

Here are just four quick reasons why I believe you should hire me to care for your fabric protection:
  1. I have been in this business since 1987 and have a proven track record of applying fabric protection to upholstery for large companies, medium companies, small businesses and the average homes of mums and dads just like myself.
  2. The pride I take in my work reflects in my customers where they refer my services to their family, neighbours and friends. If I may even be so bold to say that I believe I may own the most referred fabric protection business in all of Sydney.
  3. With our special fabric protector you also receive a warranty card that guarantees your fabric against spills, stains and scuff marks for up to 3 years. After all what good is a fabric protector if it has no guarantee?
  4. Also if you book your first lounge clean within twelve months of having it protected I will re-apply your fabric protection free of charge. Ask our office when calling for your fabric protection about an advanced booking.

fabric protectionThere is a vitally important point you may not be aware of when phoning around for fabric protection, and that point is the quality verses the price you are going to invest. What I mean by this is that many fabric protectors are very different and some companies even use dirty tricks such as watering down the protection before they apply it just so they can give you a cheaper quote and take your money. The thing is you would never know it has been watered down as it looks and smells just the same before it is watered down.

So how do you know that I will deliver to you the honest product? Good question and here is how… Back in point 3 above you will notice that I pointed out our very special guarantee that I am very proud of. If a company applies a watered down or less quality fabric protector than ours, they most likely won’t be able to offer such a good guarantee.

You see most people typically pick up the phone, call a fabric protection company and ask one question…can you guess what that question is? The question is “How much do you charge?”

You see, most fabric protection companies hope you will ask this question because when a consumer asks the question “how much do you charge?” the fabric protection companies know that you are an uninformed consumer and easy to take advantage of because you didn’t ask any qualifying questions.

However, if you know the all important qualifying questions to ask they would now be stumbling over their words trying to convince you to hire them because theyre only claim to fame is that they are cheaper. BUT they fail to realise that not everyone desires cheap shoddy workmanship… some and may I even be so bold as to say, most people actually want a good quality job.

So what I am going to do for you right now is reveal some very important questions to hiring a good quality fabric protection professional that most companies don’t want you to ask.

  1. Do you carry a certificate of currency, of insurance to cover your customer’s property, contents and upholstery should something go wrong?
  2. Are you certified and licensed as an upholstery cleaner with a certificate of currency?
  3. What trade associations are you a member of? Example NUCCA, IICRC, Advantage Group etc.
  4. What kind of written guarantee do you have with your upholstery cleaning?
  5. Is the price you quote me over the phone going to be the final price I pay or are you going to charge me more when you come to my home? (don’t be afraid to ask this question)
  6. Can you tell me why I should use you when there are so many other upholstery cleaners in the marketplace?
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If you’re looking for the lowest price in fabric protection or even a relatively cheap price then you really should prepare yourself as you will get what you pay for. This industry is no different to any other… Just as if you were to invest in a new car, you would not expect to buy a new Holden vehicle valued at thirty five thousand dollars for only five thousand dollars without wondering what is wrong with it would you?

Hi i am Wayne Avnell Managing Director of Textile Cleaning & Protection I am pleased to offer you a 100 % Money Back Guarantee. Call us on (02) 6564 5044 for details

When you hire Textile Cleaning and Protection to care for your valuable furnishings you will be absolutely delighted and over joyed with the fabric protection we deliver for you. If you have a stain appear or something spills on your fabric that you can’t clean then I will come out to your home or office and clean your fabric for FREE. PLUS I will re-apply the fabric protection FREE of charge after I clean the affected area. This is how confident I am that you will love the workmanship we deliver for you. Please see our written certificate of guarantee that comes with your application.

Take a little time to choose your fabric protection company and remember that your upholstery is an expensive item, so trust only a true professional to care for your fabric protection.

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