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How To Clean and Care for a Mattress

Your mattress is one of the most important things in your home because it's the one piece of furniture that you use every day. Many people sleep in their bed, watch television, spend time with a spouse and even eat. If you do not clean and take care of your mattress properly, it can start sagging or feel less supportive. Proper maintenance of your mattress will extend the life of the mattress and make it feel comfortable for years.

Rotate the Mattress

Most people know that they need to rotate their mattress, but most people forget how often they need to rotate the piece. Experts believe that once every six months is sufficient. When you first purchased the mattress, it felt slightly firm to the touch. The weight of your body can compress the springs, which makes the mattress feel less comfortable. When you rotate the mattress, lift it straight in the air and flip it over. The top of the mattress where your head sits should be on the bottom of the mattress at the foot of the bed.


No one likes to sleep in a bed full of cracker crumbs, cookies and other types of food. When you notice food and crumbs in your bed, reach for your vacuum cleaner. An upholstery cleaning attachment can make quick work of any crumbs. This attachment lets you keep the heavier part of the vacuum flat on the floor, and the attachment gives you more mobility as you move around the bed.

Cleaning the Mattress

An upholstery cleaner is the only thing that you need to clean your mattress. Your mattress can develop stains from a variety of sources. You might have urine stains from your pets, blood stains or food stains on the fabric. Look for a cleaner that has an upholstery cleaning attachment on top, which looks like a scrub brush. This brush lets you get deep into the fabric of the mattress and remove stains hidden under the surface. If you only clean the top of the mattress, the stain can reach the surface of the mattress in the future.

Mattress Covers

Proper maintenance of your mattress should also include a protective cover. These covers feature a soft fabric material that slips over the mattress. This cover can keep dust mites, bed bugs and other types of bugs from taking over your bed. Some covers close with a zipper, which lets you toss the cover in the washing machine when it gets dirty.


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