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Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Service

Of all the flooring options common in today’s homes, carpet retains the most dirt. The grime may not be immediately obvious especially on patterned carpets and rugs. Dirt, hair and microbes are trapped in the fibers and can become embedded in the material, requiring professional deep cleaning to extract. The most powerful household vacuums will not be enough to restore the carpet to a pristine condition.


Buyers should take the people who will use the furniture to be covered into account. They should choose the fabric according to their needs. This may include both pets and humans. They should also consider the exposure of the item covered with fabric. Microfiber fabric is a great choice for heavy use. It can withstand all sorts of weight placed on top of it. It is less likely to get scratches from pets compared to other fabrics. There are also new fabrics that are fire retardant.

Deep cleaning the carpet occasionally by using professional carpet cleaning services will extend the life of the carpet. As a bonus, it will also cut down on the presence of allergens and mitigate carpet odors caused by pets and other stains. However, the results are only as good as the carpet cleaners you have entrusted with the job.

Picking the Best

Carpet cleaners who offer online or phone quotes without an initial home visit should be excluded from your short-list. Each home is different and the cleaning service needs to look at what they will be working on. Referrals from friends are usually the best choices. Without referrals, ask the service about their Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications. IICRC is an industry trade group that trains and certifies carpet servicers.

It is also prudent to check out the business’ reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Ask about their business insurance in case of accidents or damages to your property.

Ask them to list all the services that will be included especially moving the furniture. Have these items listed on the written estimate to avoid any surprises when the job is finished.

The Best Carpet Cleaners will Use Clean Products

Professional cleaners should discuss the type of cleaners they intend to use. They should be upfront about possible reactions on young children, pets and air quality in the home. Household carpets can be dry cleaned, foam cleaned, shampooed or steam cleaned. Some cleaners may also offer upholstery cleaning as an add-on service.


Typically, pricing for carpet cleaning service is quoted on a per room basis with a defined maximum on the size of the room. Prices vary widely depending on the process and chemicals used and the geographical area. Price should not be the only consideration when deciding on a carpet cleaning company. Reputation and professionalism are just as important.

Deep cleaning the carpet will eliminate dirt and allergens, remove odors, improve air quality and result in a fresher atmosphere inside your home.

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